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Science Laboratories

Kronos Science Laboratories is dedicated to providing the highest-quality information to help you achieve Optimal Health.



We have adopted the Community-based Health to increase access to and use of health services in remot.


Optimal Health Centre

The goal of Optimal Health Medicine is to help people close the gap between life expectancy and health expectancy.


Kronos is boldly pioneering a new approach to health care based on reputable medical practices, fundamental principles of science, advanced clinical research, and the latest medical knowledge and technology. Representing an evolutionary next step, we call our specialty Optimal Health Medicine.
While scientific knowledge and medical capabilities have advanced dramatically, especially in the last hundred years, traditional medicine continues to follow a “diagnose-and-treat” model. Although doctors can recognize and manage a wider variety of illnesses than in the past, traditional health care remains in the same “sick care” mindset that requires you to become ill before you can receive treatment.
Kronos’ physician-guided program is proactive rather than reactive. It’s focused on anticipating age-related degenerative diseases and conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, fatigue, menopause and cancer, and employs medically sound preventive treatment modalities.

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Don’t wait until tomorrow! Kronos taught me that every meal and every choice you make is your next opportunity to start!


Ben Fitzgerald
Kronos continues to make progress with its program to build a company capable of long-term growth and increasing value to its investors

Ben Fitzgerald

We have changed many things at home and feel like we will have healthier and happier lives now.


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