Fundamental Principles of Science

Kronos is boldly pioneering a new approach to health care based on reputable medical practices, fundamental principles of science, advanced clinical research, and the latest medical knowledge and technology. Representing an evolutionary next step, we call our specialty Optimal Health Medicine.

While scientific knowledge and medical capabilities have advanced dramatically, especially in the last hundred years, traditional medicine continues to follow a “diagnose-and-treat” model. Although doctors can recognize and manage a wider variety of illnesses than in the past, traditional health care remains in the same “sick care” mindset that requires you to become ill before you can receive treatment.

Kronos’ physician-guided program is proactive rather than reactive. It’s focused on anticipating age-related degenerative diseases and conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, fatigue, menopause and cancer, and employs medically sound preventive treatment modalities.

In other words, we aggressively test for risk of diseases before symptoms are evident. Once health risks are identified, we prescribe the appropriate medical, therapeutic, nutritional and exercise interventions that are designed to prevent them.

What’s more, we encourage and expect you to become actively involved in your own health care. Kronos gives you an opportunity to know the facts, learn them early, and have the tools and support you need to take an influential role in establishing and tracking your progress on the road to optimal health.

Kronos is Greek for time. Simply stated, Kronos’ objective is to help you live as healthy as possible for as long as possible.


Compounded pharmaceuticals can be tailored to meet a person’s distinct requirements. Options cover alternate dosage forms, discontinued combinations, preservative free formulations, injectables and over-the-counter formulations.