Kronos, The Optimal Health Company is a unique integrated health care delivery system comprised of a number of components. These include the Kronos Optimal Health Centre (clinic), Kronos Science Laboratories (reference laboratory), and Kronos Compounding Pharmacy, all designed to optimize health and longevity.

Dr. John Sperling, the company’s founder, incorporated Kronos in 1998. As an innovator in adult education, Dr. Sperling founded the University of Phoenix. Now, with campuses throughout America and Europe, the U of P is widely recognized as the leader in higher education for working adults. Dr. Sperling’s vision for Kronos is equally innovative – to provide a new, higher standard of science-based proactive medicine, with a focus on achieving Optimal Health at every stage of life.

Kronos employs more than 250 professionals in the fields of science, medicine, technology, pharmacology, customer service, sales and marketing. Corporate offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona. National operating divisions are located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona; and in Las Vegas, Nevada.